About me




My name is Monique Neven-Stillebroer. Being creative has always been one of my 'most happy-making things to do'. Making nice things just gives me an energy boost! For my job as designer, I draw a lot in Adobe Illustrator. But... nothing compairs to paper! So besides digital drawing, I also draw and paint on paper with art tools like brushes, inkpens and soft pastels. The paintings and drawings you find on this website are all made by hand on thick paper. Inspiration for this art I obtained from many different resources. An image in a book or magazine. A plant or flower in my garden or home. An online image on a creative platform. Or a landscape that I see in my own mind.



The materials I use vary, with as favorites pastels and watercolor paints. In my watercolor art I often add East Indian ink to give more movement and depth.